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It’s time to clean the gutters, again.

So, leaves are falling again, the weather is beautiful, maybe a bit on the windy side, and you KNOW you need to get those gutters cleaned. You’ve been putting it off for months already, maybe even longer. Heck, you’ve gotten away with it so far, right? I wish it were that easy.

While those gutters are filling up with debris, they’re holding a lot of weight when it rains. The downspout can’t release the rain water because the rain can’t get there, so the rain is now pouring over the gutter and washing out your plant beds. It’s working it way under the shingles because it has no where else to go and before you know it, it’s invading your privacy in your own house! Oh shoot, but now it’s about to rain, snow and freeze.. then thaw.. and freeze and shoot, now we have ice dams forming!


It sure would’ve been much easier and safer for your family to call MD Power Wash and Duct Cleaning to get those gutters cleaned out in the first place, right? It’s not too late:

Gutter Cleaning Company Anne Arundel County – Hand clean, bag, and flush, crisis averted and problem solved.


See you soon!

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