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Why you should opt for low pressure washing

Every week it seems that we get a call from potential customers to provide an estimate on cleaning the exterior of their home. Almost always, they were not happy with their previous company and mentioned one of more of the following occurring:

  • ripped screens
  • water forced under the siding
  • high water pressure damage
  • took too long with poor to average results
  • mold/algae returned within 6 months

Our low pressure siding power washing service in Maryland give you the peace of mind that your home is in good hands.


  • have never ripped a screen since our water pressure is only slightly more than a typical garden hose
  • don’t force water under or behind siding
  • no high water pressure damage, it’s soft enough that we can put our hand directly in front of the stream
  • since our detergents break down the nasty stuff caked on your siding, we follow with a low pressure rinse that allows us to finish much faster than those who try to force it off with high water pressure
  • most of our customers call us to clean every 1 1/2 to 2 years

You’ll get a time lapse video of each professional cleaning service we perform for you, as well!

Today’s cleaning was a low pressure power washing in Glen Burnie, MD, check the video out below!






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