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Siding Power Washing Millersville, MD 21108

Thank you for the power washing referral!

Today we had two house washes in Millersville, MD to complete before the wind and the rain rushed in, and both were referrals, one from an awesome customer of ours and the other from a pretty cool contractor friend.

We really appreciate the referrals and look forward to either crediting their account $20 toward their next service or sending over a check to thank them for thinking of us when someone asks about who to use for power washing services in Maryland.

Our Soft Pressure House Wash Process

While we bring equipment capable of washing a large commercial building, we modify the nozzles at the end of the pressure washing wand to provide us with a high volume of water flow, but with pressure low enough that we can stick our hand right in the stream of water without potentially losing a finger. Our detergents are strong, but safe, so much so that we hardly need to use a ladder unless there is a section of your home that we can’t spray from the ground. This process is so much different from the high water pressure method which is not only dangerous for your siding, screens and windows, but it doesn’t even get the surface clean. Here is a basic rundown of what we do when washing your home:

  1. Greet you prior to getting started if you are home. You can show us around if there are any particular areas of concern to you and we’ll give you an honest assessment of what we can clean and who you can call if something needs a bit more than cleaning.
  2. Unreel our high pressure and water supply hoses so we can hook up where necessary while paying attention to your plants, flowers and other arrangements in your yard that we want to prevent pulling our hoses over.
  3. After starting the pressure washer, we’ll pre-wet the siding and vegetation prior to applying our mild soap and detergent to the surface with water pressure comparable to a garden hose.
  4. A few minutes later our mild soap and detergent mixture has likely already broken down all of the dirt, mold, cobwebs and debris on your home so we either apply a bit more to stubborn areas, or begin a high volume, low pressure clean water rinse from the gutters to foundation. We’ll repeat this process for each side of your home.
  5. Once we’ve finished all sides, we’ll do a quick walk-around to make sure we didn’t miss anything and if you’re home, we’ll invite you out for a final walk-around to make sure you give us the thumbs up for a job well done prior to packing up.

That’s it! It’s a simple process, but we do it that exact same way each time so every 1-2 years you can know exactly what to expect and how it’s going to be completed without worrying about problems with quality.

Of course if you are having other work completed at the same time, the above will have more steps, but internally our systems remain the same, the same process, the same methods, the same awesome quality, and the same great customer service that you can and should expect from MD Power Wash.

If we can help you by cleaning up your home, please feel free to contact us anytime for a free, no-hassle quote: Call (410) 206-3545 or Email us at:

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