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Guest blog post by my good friend, Ken Christian, Owner of Precision Care Services in Bowie, MD.

Really, it’s not that important…

Window Cleaning Services Bowie MD
A lot of my clients have waited in the ballpark of three to five years before going through with having their windows cleaned. Most of them, when we talk about it, tell me they never really considered it to be something important to the well being of their home. “It is not as if the windows are THAT dirty,” they say. Or, “really, what’s the worst that can happen if they are not cleaned.”

This is pretty common amongst all of them.

When working with my customers, I try to educate and like mowing your yard, spring cleaning, sorting out the attic and other chores in this vein, it is something any homeowner SHOULD be doing at least once per year. Whether you attempt to take this task on by yourself, or employ someone like myself, one should never neglect something as important as your windows.

Off subject for a moment, wouldn’t you want to take care of the interior of your car? Clean it up, take out and trash, spray protectant on the seats and dashboards, clean the windows etc. and I know just about everyone closes the car up and locks it when they are not in it.

Now consider these points

  • Your windows are made of the same material as your car’s interior. Glass, vinyl, wood, plastics of every type.
  • Those same materials are outside 24/7 in the worst elemental conditions your area has to offer.
  • One average you are looking around five to ten thousand dollars to replace the windows on an average house with around 20-25 windows.

This in mind, for just a few hundred dollars per year, you can ensure that multiple, HIGHLY EXPENSIVE issues can be identified and sometimes eliminated before they become problems. (Broken seals on double paned windows will require extensive work on your part or someone else’s part.) Small cracks in the glass can be fixed with simple and effective resins. Seals can be repaired and moisturized to prevent cracking and leaking.

So many issues which can be and are addressed when you clean your windows.

Not to mention, the best aspect of it, they should LOOK GREAT when they are cleaned, letting in more light and creating a healthier environment in your home.

So, do you want to find out what is the worst that can happen? Or do you reconsider, and think they might be just a little too dirty? And do something about it.

Thanks for writing that up, Ken! Yes, MD Power Wash does a little window cleaning, but after pressure washing at your home or business, we are usually filthy and really don’t want to track that in your home. We often refer customers to Ken at Precision Care Services because they are fast, efficient and awesome at what they do.

Contact Ken for an estimate to have your Maryland windows professionally cleaned today:

Precision Care Services
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