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Concrete Cleaning

Start your property’s curb appeal from the ground up! MD Power Wash offers concrete cleaning solutions that will ensure that your home or business is the portrait of clean-cut appeal.


What’s the problem with dirty concrete?

You wouldn’t want your kitchen to be covered in dirt and vehicle stains, just as you’d never have customers step into a building where the floor is stained and peppered with chewing gum. The same idea holds for your concrete surfaces. Whether you’re welcoming clients or friends to your property, clean concrete makes the difference between a bad first impression and a great one.

Concrete doesn’t have an easy time staying clean. With people, cars, and the elements working against it, it doesn’t take long for the surface to become grimy. This, in turn, impacts your property by:

  • Destroying curb appeal
  • Hurting the safety of your home or business
  • Reducing the lifetime of your concrete

Dirty concrete has short and long-term negative impacts that can bring your property down. But with professional concrete cleaning services from MD Power Wash, your home or business doesn’t have to go up against any of them.

How Does MD Power Wash Fix Your Dirty Concrete?

We don’t mind admitting that we’re snobs about concrete cleaning. Our team is 100%  committed to using the industry’s best equipment, the most powerful cleaning detergents, and cutting-edge methods to get your surfaces clean. As far as we’re concerned, our customers shouldn’t settle for anything short of a complete concrete transformation. And that’s what we’ll bring to you.

Our concrete cleaning services include:

  • Sidewalk & Entryway Cleaning

  • Driveway & Patio Cleaning

  • Parking Lot Cleaning

  • Drive-Thru Cleaning

  • Parking Garage Cleaning

  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning

So, what does a concrete cleaning service entail?

After scheduling an appointment, uniformed members of the MD Power Wash team will come to your property with all of the supplies needed to restore your property. After conducting a preliminary inspection to assess your worksite, we roll up our sleeves and get started. Our concrete cleaning solution achieves:

  • Stain removal of everything from vehicle oil to soft drinks
  • Buildup removal that eliminates everything from gum to oil.

MD Power Wash exclusively uses a hot water pressure washing technique, which removes dirt and other contaminants more effectively than conventional methods.

Why should you trust MD Power Wash with Your Concrete??

Our customers don’t have time for results that are anything less than exceptional… And neither do we. That’s why MD Power Wash brings specialized benefits including:

  • Seasoned experience. With more than 1,000 satisfied customers and over 150 A-grade ratings on Angie’s List as proof.
  • Skilled technicians. Every MD Power Wash technician has intensive training and a strong knowledge of how to get the job done well. With our attention to detail and safety, you’ll never have to question whether you’re getting great results.
  • High tech equipment. Top quality cleansers and degreasers and cutting-edge equipment are ready to tackle all your concrete cleaning needs, from car fluid to spillages to dirt.

How will clean concrete improve your property?

Angie Hicks, the founder of Angie’s List, said it best: “Having your concrete professionally cleaned before putting your house on the market can really improve your curb appeal, both in person and online.”

Whether you’re gearing up to sell your house, are welcoming customers through your front door, or simply want a well-maintained place to head home to each day, concrete cleaning is instrumental to property improvement.

From aesthetic to practical, the professionals at MD Power Wash bring a lot of benefits to your property with our concrete cleaning service. Standout perks include:

  • Improved curb appeal
  • A clean, safe, and sanitary environment
  • Concrete surfaces that will last longer and crack less

Reach out to our team today to learn more about the tailored solutions we can offer your home or business. Quality, convenience, and reliability are all just a part of the package.

We are proud to offer our services in:

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