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Multi-Unit Pressure Washing

For multi-unit buildings and condos, it counts to keep up appearances. This is the first touch that the outside world has with your business or housing space, so why not ensure that that first impression is a brilliant one?

MD Power Wash & Duct Cleaning provides the professional expertise to leave your property looking picture perfect.

One-of-a-Kind Service for Special Clients

Multi-unit properties and condos don’t face the kind of wear and tear that a single home might. They’re accommodating more people, which in turn means more traffic. The ultimate outcome? These kinds of properties tend to experience damage and wear more quickly… And it shows.

In addition to compromising quality, you’re also losing out on that critical curb appeal. Few people are attracted to a worn-down property, and existing residents don’t want to live in a space that doesn’t look like it’s well cared for.

But when you do make the right decision to invest in property services, you face another hurdle: How can you secure great results without disrupting the people who call your multi-unit building or condo home? This is where MD Power Wash can step in.

Specialized Pressure Washing Solutions


Our team specializes in working with condos and multi-unit properties: We deliver services that align with the unique needs of your place. Our pressure washing and soft washing technology come to your property with the ability to tackle any facet of your property. Some of the most common multi-unit spaces we pressure wash are:

  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • HOA’s
  • Business units
  • Multi-office buildings

Armed with extensive training, superior equipment, and years of industry knowledge, we’ll get your property looking picture perfect efficiently and effectively. Broadly, we provide two services for our multi-unit properties:

Building Washing

MD Power Wash utilizes a soft wash approach to gently remove dirt, mold, and other unwanted grime from your building exterior. We use this method to preserve the quality of your structure and your landscaping while we achieve a top-tier level of clean.

Concrete Cleaning

We rely on pressure washing to remove everything from stains to chewing gum from your hardscapes. Every part of your property - from the driveway to the parking lot to the sidewalk - are diligently restored by our team. No concrete area is too small or too large!

Why Service From MD Power Wash Matters

Why Service From MD Power Wash Matters

We take great service seriously. That means that we aren’t just offering beautiful results - we’re providing a convenient, seamless process every step of the way. Customers know that they can trust MD Power Wash to bring:

  • Outstanding customer service

    We care about creating solid, long-term relationships with our customers. With more than 1,000 happy customers and 150 A-grade ratings on Angie’s List, it shows that we take this commitment to heart.

  • Convenience

    Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, one time - we provide service options that fit all of your scheduling needs. You just let us know what property services you want and when, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Top-of-the-line technology

    We exclusively use the best equipment and cleaners on the market. This means that you aren’t just getting great results - you’re getting the best.

We Help You Uphold The Reputation Of Your Property

One of the biggest enticements for prospective residents is cleanliness. They want to feel like the place that they’re about to call home is well cared for. HGTV cites ‘failing to make cosmetic improvements’ to a property is the #1 reason that people pass up on a property - and MD Power Wash is here to prevent that.

First impressions count. But so does authentic quality. Our pressure washing and soft washing solutions truly bring the best in long-term benefits to your property.

Your multi-unit building has guests dropping in, clients visiting, employees working diligently, or residents going about their daily lives. MD Power Wash builds our service around your schedule, so the workflow of your property’s inhabitants will be minimally disrupted in the process.

Grasp the power of a beautiful first impression — and let MD Power Wash apply it to your property!