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Today we were pressure washing a beautiful home in Elkridge, MD 21075 and took a quick (kind of terrible) video showing how low the pressure is when we pressure wash a house in Maryland. Check that video out here:

[tvideo type=”youtube” clip_id=”Izh-lcRNHFY” modestbranding=”false”]

Safely applying high quality detergents and allowing them to dwell on the surface to emulsify the dirt, mold and cobwebs makes great results achievable every time we wash a house. If a company if setting up ladders all over your home and blasting away at the siding with high pressure, it may be in your best interest to stop them before they do damage to your home that will end up costing you more in the long run.

Results after washing the siding of an Elkridge MD 21075 home 4/2014

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