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The details in a property can say a lot about a business. MD Power Wash protects the reputation of our customers with professional tile and grout cleaning services. Every detail counts – and we make sure that yours is flawless.

Why do tile and grout get so dirty?

Think about the amount of traffic your tiled surfaces encounter each day. With constant exposure, these areas become a magnet for dust and dirt. When buildup sticks to tiles, it becomes particularly difficult to remove.

There’s another reason that DIY solutions aren’t adequate for tile and grout cleaning. Grout is actually a porous substance, so grime seeps into the surface and gets stuck there. Soap and a sponge won’t solve clean it: It needs professional attention.

Why it matters to have clean tiles

Dirty tile and grout is a major eyesore. No matter how clean your business is, stained surfaces will make your property look poorly maintained.

But it also presents a safety issue. In order to protect the wellbeing of your staff and customers, it’s important to have surfaces that are completely clean. Looking for a solution? Enter the MD Power Wash team!

Professional tile and grout cleaning solutions

Cleaning tile – and doing it well – is a time consuming and tricky process. If you’ve ever attempted to clean the surface yourself, you can appreciate how long it takes to achieve subpar results.

MD Power Wash provides an alternative. Our team has the technology and time to give your tiled surfaces the attention they deserve. We can tackle any amount of buildup, stains, and fading. With chemical cleaners, pressure washing equipment, and years of training, we’re ready to transform your surface.Our process includes:[framed_box rounded=”true”]

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  • Pre-inspection to help us inform which cleaners will be the safest, most effective tools to clean your tile.
  • Complete tile cleaning using pressure washing equipment, steam cleaners, and a chemical solution designed to break down those stubborn stains. Our solution effectively rids your surfaces of grease, dirt, bacteria, and other bad buildup.
  • Vacuum extraction to remove dirt and bacterial growth from the grout.
  • Sealant application to prevent dirt and stains from harming your grout down the road.
  • Final inspection and cleanup to leave your tiled surface in just like new condition!



Why Trust MD Power Wash?

MD Power Wash knows firsthand how much a solid first impression can help your business succeed. We take our job seriously, and we’re proud to bring the best to your property.

When you choose MD Power Washing for tile and grout cleaning solutions, you can count on:
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  • Top-of-the-line service. Our team works hard to bring flawless results to our customers. Our customers would agree: With over 150 A-grade Angie’s List ratings more than 1,000 loyal clients, we bring a success story to every commercial property we work with.
  • Expert technicians. Every technician in the MD Power Wash team brings extensive experience to their jobsite. Backed by ongoing training and the best pressure washing and tile cleaning technology, they are equipped to make every project a success.
  • Cutting edge technology. Tough problems require tough solutions. Our tile and grout cleaners are formulated to get rid of those stubborn stains for good. With unparalleled penetrating power, they remove buildup and restore the superior quality to your property.


Setting the stage for an A+ property

MD Power Wash can spare your property from the expense of a complete tile re-installation, and we can prevent our customers from having to face water damage. With professional tile and grout cleaning solutions, you’re investing in your property for the long run. Our solutions help customers enjoy beautiful, high-quality tile surfaces for extended periods of time.

Customers tend to notice the small things. And when they see grout that is sparkling and tiles that shine, there’s another positive point for your business.

It’s time to give your property the detailed attention it deserves. With MD Power Wash managing your tile and grout cleaning needs, every inch of your business will shine!

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